Fairy tales and Forests


Hmmm, so me in a nutshell…How about:

History boffin, lover of independent cinema, lemon tart connoisseur with plans of becoming an Etymologist in my 60s, picture captor with words, the creator of many invented words e.g. Spaliano (the way my husband speaks Spanish -heavy Italian influence), deeply committed fantasy fan (Merlin, Dr Who, LOTR, The Hobbit, Potter…), the happy and lucky beholder (bihaldan, from bi- ‘thoroughly’ + haldan ‘to hold.’)of a wonderful husband, and one in serious want of a grandfather (Richard Wilson will do, seeing as Roald Dahl has already passed).

Oh yes, and I write stories too. I stare, maybe too much and slightly freak  people out, then interview them once the initial weirdness is forgotten and draw out their beautiful tales.

Unnoticed Neighbors is one such endeavour.

I am also working on children’s fiction.

Thank you for reading this oddity of an ‘about page’. Hope you enjoy what you read. If you do like it, follow and tell a friend. The more the merrier.

Erina K Ludwig